There are no guarantees when you go to court.
But, if things go wrong sometimes they can be fixed.

Once a decision is reached, you may have the ability to appeal. Whether you want to challenge a decision you feel is unfair or unjust or whether you are seeking to protect a judgment in your favor, I can provide guidance and help in your appeal. 

I have represented clients at every level of trial and throughout the appellate process. 

I have almost 20 years of trial experience and over 15 years experience handling appeals that gives me a unique perspective on the each appeal I undertake.

Family Law Appeals

I have represented clients in all types of family law matters, including divorce, modification, termination, time sharing, visitation, child support, equitable distribution, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. This broad experience helps me at every phase of the appeal of a family law decision.

The types of family law decisions that are appealed include:

  • Awards of alimony
  • Child custody and parenting time determinations
  • The amount of child support awarded
  • Division of property in a divorce settlement

Criminal Law Appeals

The firm has represented clients accused of all types of crimes including murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, computer crimes and drug offenses. I have guilty pleas and trials in .

Some of the problems that are appealed in criminal cases include:

  • Evidence that should have been suppressed
  • Improper jury selection
  • Testimony that the jury should not have heard
  • Instructions to the jury that were not correct